Best Male Enhancement Exercises

Best Male Enhancement Exercises

Honestly, she is lying when she says "size doesn't matter." Deep down in her, she wishes you were bigger like other men. Maybe she never seems satisfied during sex before with you.

It doesn’t matter if she often tells you that everything is perfect when it is the little slips in what she says. We’ve all heard the lie, and deep down in us, we all know the truth-“size does matter.”

You may think is better to stick with what nature gave you but many guys out there are packing a lot more girth than you are. Every guy would like to be called the "ladies man" or a "virile animal." There are few tested and proven best male enhancement exercises that are safe, natural, and easy to practice in other to increase the overall anatomy of your sex organ. I'm going to discuss some of those techniques with you, but they must be adequately performed and incorporating these exercises with Ready Man Big Penis can even yield a more effective result.

Here are the best male enhancement exercises for growth:

þ  Stretching

This exercise is recommended as an effective method to increase the overall size of your penis. It is performed while you're not erect and for a valid result, this male enhancement exercise is repeated between 10-15 times daily.

Here Is How to Practice Penis Stretching

  • Take a capsule of Ready Man Big Penis to boost your penis enlargement naturally
  • Grip your flaccid penis head and pull it slightly forward until your penis is completely stretched to its maximum
  • Maintain the stretch for about 15 seconds before releasing the stretch
  • Shake your penis vigorously after the stretch to allow the muscles to relax
  • Stretch your penis to the right, left, up, and down to ensure complete stretching.

Stretching as a penis enhancement exercise increases your penis size by 0.5 inches if done regularly, according to the penis enlargement website.

Make sure you do not overdo this exercise. In as much as you want to give your penis tissues a good stretch, you need to make sure you're not pulling hard to cause pain. Nonetheless, it is ideal you wrap your penis with a warm towel to loosen it up. This reduces the chances that you will hurt yourself.


þ  Jelqing

This technique is a simple form of physical therapy to increase blood circulation and pressure in your penis which will slightly increase the overall size of your penis if practiced properly throughout months.


Here Is How Jelq Is Practiced

  • To start jelq, it is ideal you purchase Ready Man Big Penis to function as a co-enhancer for a quicker result as well as comfort.
  • Ready Man Big Penis pill will give you the much-needed partial erection required for this exercise. Ideally, your erection should be around 65 percent
  • Apply a lubricant on your penis for safety. Choose a natural product like petroleum jelly or baby oil
  • Make on “ok” sign with your hand by putting your thumb and index finger together
  • Grip the base of your penis, try to be closer to the pelvic bone and by applying light pressure, move forward along the shaft of your penis and stop before you reach your glans
  • Repeat the forward motion for about 10 minutes.

Practice jelqing every day for at least a month to start experiencing real increases.

þ  Squeezing

Squeezing is an advanced technique and one of the exercises you should practice with caution because you can easily get it all wrong. A lot of guys recommend squeezing for helping them achieve dramatic girth increases.

How to Practice Squeezing

  • To achieve full erection needed for this exercise, take a Ready Man Big Penis pill and apply a lubricant on your penis for safety
  • Make an "ok" grip with one hand and hold the base of your penis with the same hand
  • With your other hand, make another "ok" grip as well.
  • Use that hand to squeeze your penis carefully at various points along your penis shaft. Stop before you reach the glans

The idea here is to stretch out the tissues of the area you’re not squeezing.




þ  Edging

This technique is usually recommended as an alternative to surgery for combating erectile dysfunction in men. However, Ready Man Gold is your best choice for guys who often ejaculate quickly during sex. Although, edging can help increase penis size, according to health professionals.

Edging is simply masturbating until a point of no return where you can't help but ejaculate.

The goal is to hold yourself back from orgasm while maintaining a full erection for as long as you can. This stretches the tissues in the shaft of your penis.

How to Practice Edging

  • Start by taking Ready Man Big Penis pill
  • Apply a lubricant to your penis for safety
  • Start masturbating and stroke the base of your penis. Do it slowly, moving the shaft upwards as you go
  • If you feel you’re close to ejaculating, back off and try to keep stroking

There are no given rules regarding how long you need to practice this. Practice as long as you can, but consistent practice yields a quick result.

þ  Pubococcygeus (PC)

The pubococcygeus muscle extends from the pelvic bone to the coccyx. This muscle is responsible for the erection and ejaculation, and it's used to control urination.

How to Practice PC

  • Start by locating the PC muscles by withholding the urine mid-stream as you urinate; this will cause this muscle to contract, then you have to squeeze and release this muscle several times. Do as many as you can per day but ensure it’s up to 250 times and above
  • Do PC squeeze and hold for 25 minutes and repeat the exercise 5 times daily

PC increments and PC exhauster are advanced techniques. PC increment is vigorous but seems very useful.

Potential Risks and Complications Associated With Male Enhancement Exercises

Handling your penis rough can damage the ligaments that connect your penis to your pelvic bone. These injuries can hinder your ability to get or maintain a firm erection. Enhancement exercise may cause the following:

  • Red spots along the penile shaft
  • Vein rupture
  • Discoloration
  • bubbles on the penis due to consistent pressure
  • Sores in the penis caused by continuous pulling
  • Heavyweight on the penis during exercise may lead to inflammation and swelling of the penis
  • Itching/numbness

What Are The Precautions I Should Adhere To When Practicing Male Enhancement Exercise?

To stay safe while practicing these exercises, observe the following precautions:

  • Do not jelq without applying lubricant
  • If you feel pain practicing any of these techniques, stop it right away
  • Do not tighten your grip too much
  • Wrap a warm towel around the penis before exercising. This will prevent potential injuries.

Although male enhancement exercise will take months to see results, it processes are daunting and something irritating. Imagine sitting in your office and unzip your pants to access your penis. Disgusting!

You can grow your penis to any size without going through all these stress and pains. Not a scam, we guarantee money back. Gain a gigantic penis today by purchasing Ready Man Big Penis a natural and proven pill that works like magic.