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Ready Man ! 2K

Product Review (submitted on April 16, 2021):
So let's start at my first bottle, Placed my order and 2 days latter package was in my mail box as promised! So popped one out and swallowed it few hours passed and not much happening fast forward roughly 10 hours and I wake up and it felt like someone had mixed up a bag of cement and somehow injected it into my unit, And that is no exaggeration! And fast forward almost a year and you best believe I've kept taken these awesome lil capsules of pure bliss. So I figured that is a fair amount of time to give a honest review, and for me they have worked 100% of the time! But for me I honestly don't get full effect until roughly 10/15 hours taken, but once it hits I always get at least 2 days of full on go! So with that said you would be insane to not give these a go.