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Ready Man Gold Capsules

Product Review (submitted on June 15, 2021):
I don't know where to start from in order to cite the benefits the Ready Man has brought to me, so I will try to do so by means of the following list:

1) IT WORKS EVERY TIME. I used to be worried, and also kind of depressed, about my performances because let's say one was ok, the next one was not ok, next one was so so, etc. NO MORE WORRIES, on the contrary, I'm willing for the next time to come.

2) IT GETS ME FUNCTIONING LONGER. Even when I was doing it "ok" the fun was over in a matter of minutes. Now I can easily keep my partner's pace and duration. In fact, the last two times she even paid me COMPLIMENTS.

3) HARDENING 100%. All times, all the time. I would say even in between events I feel the "difference".

4) NATURAL INGREDIENTS. I verified them, found all of them are plant based, so basically I suppose no side effects are expected nor there are contraindications to be aware of.

5) SELF ESTEEM WENT UP. All guilt-shame-worry feelings are gone. I psychologically feel much better.