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Ready Man ! 2K

Product Review (submitted on June 29, 2021):
Holy hek

So I bought this with the idea that it wouldnt work I looked at the reviews and they seemed pretty stiff on on positivist and so I bought it!

As soon as they came in the mail it was sorta already late and we had already been doin the nasty earlier, i figured why the hek not and took it then and in hopes I wouldn’t e tired by then..... we’ll I fell asleep
I had been tossin and turning and noticed my schlong was hurting and got up in the mid of the night and there it was like staring back at me 8==========D 0;

I got up went to the bathroom and I couldn’t cuz it was slapin and bangin on the bowl and it hurt to bend it away so I let the sucker sit on top of the rim and let it enjoy the view

Uhhh this stuff really REALLY works!

Woke the gf up and went to town
Again, Went to sleep and woke up and still had stiffness

If your wonder if you should by the answer is F$*% yeah!