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Ready Man Platinum !

Product Review (submitted on November 22, 2018):
I was a little skeptical at first. The first time that I took the product I didn't notice anything. However I could feel a slight headache and noticed some sinus irritation/ inflammation.

On the second use, I took 1 capsule with a couple Ibuprofen. What I've realized is that these capsules don't give me instant raging results. It takes a few hours to kick in (for me at least). I took the capsule at around midnight. By 6AM - 7AM, the effects were undeniable. The product helps you get up with stimulation and stay up. You have the ability to go out and function in public. But the second your mind starts to "wander" or you experience some sort of stimulation, prepare for a immediate reaction.

After my first session was complete, I was still able to continue as if completion never happened. Recovery time was very short to nonexistent. We ended up going several rounds with no real breaks. And I could feel the effects throughout the entire day. Long story short, it works.