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Ready Man ! 2K

Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2018):
As an older widower, there have been a few "episodes" when staying rock-hard and even coming during lovemaking can be a problem. Decided to give these a try after one too many of those episodes, just hoping I hadn't wasted my money... Took 1/2 a capsule with my evening supplements (couple hours before bedtime), and within an hour I noticed the "flushed" feeling and definite stirring in my loins. As SOON as my lady came to bed, my usual arousal SKYROCKETED to the Rock-hardest boner I could remember - literally throbbing... Within a few, my lady "noticed" how hard, full, veinous & bigger (visibly enough for Her to notice) my manhood was, & she proceeded to attack it with surprising vigor. Our "session" went on for nearly 30 minutes & my soldier throbbing throughout - my climax came with much-increased intensity!!! The next morning, and several times during that next day & evening (into the 2nd morning), EVERY time I got aroused (much more than usual - like a teenager, at random times), had the SAME veinous THROBBING hard-0n - from 1/2 a capsule!!! Was a bit leery of taking a whole capsule, so I decided to divide a single capsule into 3rds taken over successive days - worked great!!! After using RM 2K for a while, I eventually found 1/3rd for 3 days, skip 2 days & repeat, worked best for ME - a 10-capsule dose supply lasting an entire month, with little drop from the initial intensity... Though I feel this product is a bit expensive, it works MUCH better than I'd hoped... In fact, I'm a bit leery of doing a whole capsule, because it wouldn't be safe to walk around with a huge hard-on ALL the time, LOL!!!