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Ready Man Gold Capsules

Product Review (submitted on March 28, 2017):
At age 67 and after having cancer 8 years ago I then needed Viagra. It works well but not always would I reach orgasm. Today Viagra costs me $39.40 a PILL!
I have tried 2 other products here on amazon and one from an offisite store (the owner posts here how great it is), so I tried it.75% didn’t work worth a flip, one worked but had to open the capsule and put the stuff under your tongue Tasted terrible.

Ready Man arrived just yesterday and I took it 2 hours before bed time. With Viagra after taking and getting ready for bed I’d get harder but not enough for intercourse, my wife plays with me and off we go. On Ready Man she’s brushing her teeth, I walk into the bathroom “hey honey, you know the pills I bought at amazon? here!”. I was standing straight out, you could have hung a towel on it!

Now I was really, really hard. It was great. I usually don’t believe the stuff I read about stronger, longer and “girth”. I was a bit wider, so much that it almost hurt getting inside of my wife. It was great and she enjoyed it as well.

This stuff is wonderful, works better than you’d expect and I bought a 10 pill bottle, about $4.00 a pill versus $39.40 with Viagra and it works better.

Really does work.