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If your a non believer, of these type of meds, or have had problems with them making you feel weird well i got news for you, this is the greatest thing since threesomes were discovered i took one 14 hours ago and every time the wind blows my angel gets his wings if you know what i mean

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The Ready Man Platinum Formula works like a charm and consists of a blend of natural ingredients that will improve both your energy and performance levels. It will supply you with more sexual drive, performance stamina and time to please your partner while having sex with less side effects than other pills that are offered on the market. The two of you will be excited, happy and satisfied that you decided to purchase this product.This pills will be your best friend and supply you with days and nights of pleasure and fulfillment for the two of you. Yes, I would recommend it !!! So buy and enjoy your nights!!!!

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This stuff was great like it very much better than Viagra a slight headache the next day but with Tylenol it went away and unlike Viagra that keeps you hard all the time this does not every time I look at my girlfriend bend over the right way and just think about sex it stands up to attention it's hard you know and wants more action and wants it even on the next day with out taking another pill love the stuff definitely will use it again and I definitely recommend it you won't be disappointed.

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Enabled me to put in mucho work like a machine. Kicked in nice and smooth no jitterbugging but when it kicks! POW! You ready. I was proud of myself thanks to the pill.

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Excellent product for any man ! No side effects except I need to drink more water when I take it . It really does its job !

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Now we totally understand why this is deemed the BEST by some customers. It really is great! No side effects, no jitters, and the results last.

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These pills were just exceptional. I'm glad he was willing to take them when I opened up about our bedroom problems. All of those disappeared as soon as this came to our lives. I think I can get pregnant soon from all the energy he has for me in bed these days. I'm kinda excited! Super Thankful.

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The effects lasts, and we are so impressed! We bought this for our trip to Hawaii, and I'm so pleased to say that one pill was enough for the 3-day trip! Oh, how heated were the nights.

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I'm glad that I decided to buy these pills! They really work. My nights are far more enjoyable and heated up now that my performance has improved.

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These product works very good there is no headache' it makes you harder and above all one capsule cant last in your system for days. Its worthy of buying

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Bought a bottle just before my trip to Cali,Colombia and I can tell you this shit works ! I juggle 3 Colombian girlfriends at the same time when I am there and Platinum kept my cock rock hard throughout my adventures .I was having sex 3-4 times per day and after the 5th or 6th time climaxing I was still ready to go without any after effects ..I felt like I was 17 again !!

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Great Product! I am a 59 year old male, and my libido and testosterone has been very low. This product worked wonders to boost my libido and performance! The product is highly recommended. It works as advertised.

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I've tried many alternative products but I keep coming back to this one as it always gives me results I can rely on.But I always get the result I'm looking for. I will certainly keep purchasing this product.

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I was pretty skeptical but needed something to reinvigorate my love life in my marriage. I have taken Cialis and Viagra before and they do work but cost a lot. I bought this in hopes for a cheaper option and I take one of these pills a few hours before sex and I work like a champ for a fraction of the cost. I am not sure who is going to tap out first, usually my wife... it says only take one every 60 hours which I can understand why. Only downside is, I often find myself in the middle of the night ready to go again which effects my sleep. It's a worth while trade off in my opinion.

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Hitting 60 feeling like 30.

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It’s embarrassing to say but, I am a 21 year old male and have always had problems keeping it up in the bedroom. I was disappointed at first when I didn’t notice immediate results but after a few days and my regular cardio workout I am amazed. I’m excited to live out the youth I’ve missed out on this far!

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First this WORKS. I don’t have any problems but why not add to performance! Best yet no side effects Give it a try and they stand by their word. I’ll definitely be buying more!!!

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The results are powerful, alright, and because of it, I'm thoroughly impressed! Ever since I had this in my medicine cabinet, there was never a dull moment in the bedroom.

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It works like a charm and way better than the other supplements that I tried. This one provides energy without the jitters and my drive has significantly increased which is something that made my wife a lot happy.

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I just can't leave my wife hanging anymore or else she'll divorce me (kidding XD) and she told me to just buy something that will make me last that is why I bought this. I had no idea if this will work or not but the risk totally paid off! I tried it the other night and it works! It got me going like Tarzan and it helped me last longer than usual. My wife is really pleased and so am I. This gave me my confidence back

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Took these pills for a little boost in the bedroom , they are fantastic, the little soldier was at attention and like steel almost instantly and it worked for over 4 days . No racing heart , no headache , no unwanted effects

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My husband & I were really pleased with These! They worked wonders and didn't give him any nasty side effects like others have definitely worth trying