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  1. Experiment with this. By: Dante
    On: 29/12/2021
    For me the whole pill is too strong and the desired effects are also strong, I have no complaints. Here are my tips for anyone using this for first time or anyone who had side effects such as headaches. -Drink a lot of water. -Even better, slowly open the capsule and empty half of the contents inside a regular sized water bottle and shake it up. Drink that and close the capsule and save the remaining half for another time. I have tried this method and for me it has given me no side effects at all. Experiment and try different doses. This stuff is guaranteed to work and seriously love this product.
  2. Exceptionally effective without any noticeable side effects. Have re-ordered 3 times now! By: Matt Seagers
    On: 24/12/2021
    I have tried a decent number of different options in this category and have experienced headaches, nausea, and extreme blushing. While I know this supplement category specifically has a wide variance of these kinds of issues, I am exceptionally prone/sensitive to them. Plenty of these supplements work (some definitely do not), but most have side effects for me. This is one of the only supplements I've ever used that does not. Highly recommend!
  3. Absolutely Amazing! By: Professor Truth
    On: 24/12/2021
    This RM formula absolutely works! I am 62 years young, in good shape but have struggled with ED for the last 5 years. I have tried maybe 15 different products to improve "T" and ED with very limited results. I have spent thousands of dollars on pills, books and herbs with marginal gains. I have now used the RM formula twice - one pill separated by 3 days. This product works beyond words... I went from a 50-50 no show - to powerful, rigid and fully functional... the results are so amazing that I am still in shock a bit. My wife is also extremely pleased... The RM formula allows us to literally go hours and in the morning - I am ready to go HARD and STRONG again! ... I am not making this up for a review... It is hard to believe these are natural ingredients... This is a Game Changer formula for men as long as you are in generally good health. Forget the others - all of them - and buy this... you will be so happy you did and your woman will be also!
  4. 1 Bottle is little less then a month supply By: Ricky
    On: 23/12/2021
    This my first time using it so I pay real close attention to see the effects. I took the pill around 4pm and did not feel anything. The next morning I can feel a little more sensitive and the erection was strong and lasted on it's own for a while. It wore off on the third day.
  5. Beast mode By: River snake
    On: 23/12/2021
    Beast mode not only did it work it works like all the time what im saying is 1 pill lasts me a week no need to pop 1 every time you have intercourse pop that baby on Monday you can smash till Friday no problem and it works quick you'll see
  6. Services is amazing By: Pimp Boy
    On: 20/12/2021
    First off I wanted to say the product is fantastic but the customer service is amazing !! Best I've seem in a while ..Sent a few questions about the products and received my responses within 10 mins ..Placed my ordered and received my tracking details 5 mins after placing the order .. Very happy customer
  7. Get it for your man, or for yourself... You won't regret it!!! By: Jackie
    On: 13/07/2021
    Holy Mother load bought for my bf and just wow... These work better than I could have ever imagined. He lasts longer, harder, bigger and wants it all the time. His energy is up and his mood improved overall. Just buy it!!!
  8. Holy hek By: Jessy
    On: 29/06/2021
    Holy hek So I bought this with the idea that it wouldnt work I looked at the reviews and they seemed pretty stiff on on positivist and so I bought it! As soon as they came in the mail it was sorta already late and we had already been doin the nasty earlier, i figured why the hek not and took it then and in hopes I wouldn’t e tired by then..... we’ll I fell asleep I had been tossin and turning and noticed my schlong was hurting and got up in the mid of the night and there it was like staring back at me 8==========D 0; I got up went to the bathroom and I couldn’t cuz it was slapin and bangin on the bowl and it hurt to bend it away so I let the sucker sit on top of the rim and let it enjoy the view Uhhh this stuff really REALLY works! Woke the gf up and went to town Again, Went to sleep and woke up and still had stiffness If your wonder if you should by the answer is F$*% yeah!
  9. Rebound rate!!! By: Kev
    On: 19/06/2021
    There’s nothing like starting a new relationship with a sex-driven woman whose always feening and you just can’t get it up. I searched high and low for a product to save the little bit of this relationship that I had left. RMP had fantastic reviews so I figured, why the hell not? After one dose, I noticed a significant impact. Not only was I able to perform, my new girlfriend now wants to marry me for my rebound rate. I can’t say enough about this product. It’s easily took my sex life to another level.
  10. This PILL simply works By: Alfredo
    On: 15/06/2021
    I don't know where to start from in order to cite the benefits the Ready Man has brought to me, so I will try to do so by means of the following list: 1) IT WORKS EVERY TIME. I used to be worried, and also kind of depressed, about my performances because let's say one was ok, the next one was not ok, next one was so so, etc. NO MORE WORRIES, on the contrary, I'm willing for the next time to come. 2) IT GETS ME FUNCTIONING LONGER. Even when I was doing it "ok" the fun was over in a matter of minutes. Now I can easily keep my partner's pace and duration. In fact, the last two times she even paid me COMPLIMENTS. 3) HARDENING 100%. All times, all the time. I would say even in between events I feel the "difference". 4) NATURAL INGREDIENTS. I verified them, found all of them are plant based, so basically I suppose no side effects are expected nor there are contraindications to be aware of. 5) SELF ESTEEM WENT UP. All guilt-shame-worry feelings are gone. I psychologically feel much better.
  11. Must buy! You won't be disappointed. By: Little Bunny
    On: 11/06/2021
    These are amazing! My husband had tried Viagra and Cialis before but these are far more effective than the prescription ones. And we have told two other couples about them. We are all in our 40s/50s and an extra boost is always welcome. And plus my husband uses to get headaches from the Viagra. These have zero side effects. This is always are go to and has been over the last year and a half. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
  12. Worked like a charm By: Jeffrey
    On: 02/06/2021
    First time we tried these and they worked like a charm. We got the extra strength since we read all the reviews and saw that people said good things about them. They kicked in quickly and he didn't feel funny after taking the pill. I would say this pill was a win-win for both of us!!
  13. This product works! By: Big J
    On: 24/05/2021
    This product is amazing. This is my 3rd order. I have so much confidence in this product that I cannot function effectively without it. If you’re a guy having erection issues this is the solution. My old lady noticed and enjoyed its benefits. To avoid any headaches open the pill and use half or a quarter of the dosage. you will still get some of its benefits.Thanks
  14. Homerun! By: paul g. serrano
    On: 14/05/2021
    I have tried tons of "male enhancements" over the last 8-10 years. This one has become a staple for me. Always works, typically takes about 1hr and 45 min to kick in. Noticeable increase in size, not huge but enough to get her attention! Haha! Definitely more solid and ready to go. Multiple times - back to back on occasion. My wife says it's like being teenagers again! Effects definitely last at least 2 days, maybe 3. Your not going to walk around with wood all day, but it will make you more confident when its time to step up to the plate and swing your bat! She has literally yelled homerun a few times! Extra innings or double header - Yes Please!
  15. Amazing product for weightlifters. By: Duke
    On: 09/05/2021
    Wow! I’m 28 physique trainer and these have helped me with focus and energy. I’ve noticed a massive difference in strength and size in muscle growth. Of course my fiancé thinks I’m a horn ball all the time but she isn’t complaining one bit. I’m on my 3 rd pill today in two weeks. That’s how effective these are. Honestly I did have a slight headache but that was primarily due to not enough water consumption. Drink lots of water! Your body needs that’s to continue to carry those powerful ingredients through the system. Fellas- here’s a tip, take these with fish oil! Thank me later.
  16. Works Amazingly By: Happy Camper
    On: 08/05/2021
    It works.... No seriously is works. I took the first day i got it about 2-3 hours before the fun time started. I did not get any kind of headache or have any kind of negative symptoms. Wife has no complaints. She got hers multiple times and i was more than able to keep going. At the end my wife waved the white flag and tapped out. I could still feel the effects 2 days later. Victory is MINE
  17. This works! By: Don Stanley
    On: 02/05/2021
    Works like advertised. Very happy with the product.
  18. Surprised by how long it lasts By: Miguel
    On: 26/04/2021
    I was honestly very surprised by how long the pill seems to stay in your system. One pill can actually last me up to 3 days as the box states. The effects wane slightly, but not enough for me not to lose confidence that it will work. I honestly feel like the 10 pills would last me a month if I took them everyday.
  19. I feel 21 again! By: Donald J Trump
    On: 25/04/2021
    I am 51 one and notice I had a some trouble performing In bed I took one pill and there was a noticeable difference more erect stiffness my partner enjoyed being pleasured. I had no side effect with this product ! I am hooked!
  20. it really works! By: red eyes
    On: 23/04/2021
    In a market full of fakes and scams, it's nice to find one that really works. I use it to always remain ready when my wife is. It has returned our spontaneity. I take one every few days and I'm like a 20 year old again. Morning wood included. It seems to have increased my ability to hold off ejaculation longer too. I have really bad E.D. so for someone who just has a mild case or just looking to impress. This product will really help you rise to the occasion.
  21. The best money you will ever spend boy's!!!! By: Jerry
    On: 16/04/2021
    So let's start at my first bottle, Placed my order and 2 days latter package was in my mail box as promised! So popped one out and swallowed it few hours passed and not much happening fast forward roughly 10 hours and I wake up and it felt like someone had mixed up a bag of cement and somehow injected it into my unit, And that is no exaggeration! And fast forward almost a year and you best believe I've kept taken these awesome lil capsules of pure bliss. So I figured that is a fair amount of time to give a honest review, and for me they have worked 100% of the time! But for me I honestly don't get full effect until roughly 10/15 hours taken, but once it hits I always get at least 2 days of full on go! So with that said you would be insane to not give these a go.
  22. Have ED? Lack energy? Must try By: Williams
    On: 08/04/2021
    My experience. Works best with a full (8oz) glass of water minimum. A little more is better though. Notice results only when I'm simulated mentally or physically. Good for overall energy, but great for getting and maintaining erections. Effect of product will last as advertised. Better than any ED drug I've tried and with no side effects. You may experience side effects with less water. (stomach and/or mild flushing...for me) The best on the market to date.
  23. This product works! By: Julian
    On: 16/03/2021
    This product is amazing. This is my 3rd order. I have so much confidence in this product that I cannot function effectively without it. If you’re a guy having erection issues this is the solution. My old lady noticed and enjoyed its benefits. To avoid any headaches open the pill and use half or a quarter of the dosage. you will still get some of its benefits.Thanks
  24. Yes Sir!! By: Joaquin
    On: 02/03/2021
    I took half a capsule. I was afraid of taking the whole thing. This stuff works. Full erection, you’ll last longer, you’ll be ready for round two in minutes. I took it 3 days ago and it does get it up by itself at random times . Also, the most important thing, no weird rush, and no darn headaches! If you have problems down there, I strongly recommend this stuff. Give it a try!
  25. Good time By: Baba Booey
    On: 01/03/2021
    I have try once I receive my order and to my surprise, I have a perfect sexual performance to my partner and I’m real hard to knock her down. I strongly recommend this product and I will order regularly. But seller, pls don’t double the price after I added a excellent comment
  26. Shwing! By: Alexander
    On: 27/02/2021
    Hi, I'm a 55 yo male,... experiencing all of the typical signs of aging for my age.....almost none of it good. That is until I tried Readyman and WOW! I haven't performed like that since I was in my early 30's. I'm sold and after trying just about everything, I'm sticking to what actually works....Thanks Readyman!
  27. This product works! By: Manuel
    On: 27/02/2021
    This product is amazing. This is my 3rd order. I have so much confidence in this product that I cannot function effectively without it. If you’re a guy having erection issues this is the solution. My old lady noticed and enjoyed its benefits. To avoid any headaches open the pill and use half or a quarter of the dosage. you will still get some of its benefits.Thanks
  28. Worth it! By: Victor Rodriguez
    On: 16/12/2020
    I brought this item and it works like a dream. I would totally purchase again, my girlfriend is very happy.
  29. The best By: Kenneth Stumblingbear
    On: 14/12/2020
    This is the first time using the product, and MAN IT WORKS LIKE A CHAMP. Honestly, I was worried at first the product would not work, but I was wrong it worked in a comfortable time frame with GREAT results.
  30. Cost effective alternative By: Hugh Michael Preacher
    On: 10/12/2020
    I was surprised with the results after I tried these out. Definitely have a nice increase in energy and sex drive. This would be a cost effective alternative to other products. I have enjoyed the product so far and plan on ordering more in the future. Thank you
  31. Wowza!!! By: Deano
    On: 09/12/2020
    Legit product! I was skepical buying from the internet but the product had alot of great reviews. Takes affect in about 2 hours no bad side affects just minor headache tylenol will take care of it. Stays in your system for a few days Im 57 and got morning wood first time in about 10 years LOL
  32. Must purchase, everything it’s advertised to be By: Alvan Cargill
    On: 03/12/2020
    I was having erectile issues, so I decided to purchase this bill. So glad I made this decision because I felt the effects within the first 2 hours and I’m beyond satisfied. Must purchase !!
  33. It Works By: LT
    On: 02/12/2020
    Great product, at 62 years old it is just the boost I needed without any effects, I can recommend this pill because it works for me, will purchase again!
  34. Great product By: Kenny Boy
    On: 30/11/2020
    Took this for the first time & was quite impressed. Took a little time to kick in but was great! Definitely recommended & will buy again.
  35. THIS WORKS! By: Debra
    On: 29/11/2020
    This product is absolutely amazing. I purchased this for my husband after trying many more expensive options. This works. Our life now is amazing, and the best part for him, no adverse side effects. This does exactly what it says and more. Thank you!
  36. Joven de nuevo!! Very Very Happy!!! By: Elianah
    On: 28/11/2020
    Love it ..Estas pastillas funcionan !! Me siento como si tuviera 20 años nuevamente Yessssss...Very Happy!!!!
  37. Most bang for your buck!!!! By: Scotty J
    On: 27/11/2020
    This product is amazing!!! This stuff makes you feel like a teenager again!!! The bottle says take it 2 hours before desired time, but this stuff works within 30 minutes!! Was able to go multiple rounds and not even think twice about it!! My lady noticed a HUGE difference, and was very very satisfied!! Will definitely be re ordering again!!
  38. It did works By: So Flo
    On: 25/11/2020
    This pill really works, once you are in the mood you will notice it. Buying it again
  39. Good By: Victor Kroll
    On: 24/11/2020
    It's a great product. To be honest, I'm skeptical about it, but after trying it, it has absolutely no side effects. I want to try something that excites me when it comes to sex! The first 30 minutes, I feel the best, feel like a younger 20 years! Don't hesitate to buy it.
  40. Amazing stuff! By: Big Daddy
    On: 18/11/2020
    Absolutely PERFECT. I have issues with maintaining a good and strong erection because of neuropathy medications. This pill combats all of it making me feel and perform like a 20 year old. Perfect for those looking to enhance their relationship.... At 44, I definitely need it.
    On: 17/11/2020
    I would like to thank you for this wonderful pill. It has truly given me my manhood back! I struggle with keeping an erection and taking this pill and seeing the effects last DAYS after usage is incredible. Rock hard erections, energy, and go as long as you please! I will truly be a regular customer with this product and proud to have experienced it. Thank you magic pill!!
  42. I get hard! It really works guys! By: Sergio Ahumada
    On: 17/11/2020
    Guys these pills work! I've had many over the counter and non really got me hard like this one. I take meds for anxiety and you all know that it can interfere with getting hard, been having that problem. Well With these pills I can feel confident whenever I have a sexual encounter. Just want to let u know its good stuff
  43. Better than I expected By: Korilla
    On: 12/11/2020
    This stuff has helped me with my performance anxiety. Does last 3 days which is good. Just don't have any sexual thoughts while working or running errands lol.
  44. Works like it says By: Satisfied customer
    On: 12/11/2020
    Once your body get acclimated to it. Like poor hydration headaches or chronic fatigue the morning after. That's only if you do not drink plenty of water. When you do, it's fantastic. Sex is fantastic multiple times while not walking around pointing in the direction your walking is also nice. It also gives me a fantastic boost of energy. Helps when you're a power lifter who doesn't look forward to his lifting routine. Like this product. I do recommend and will definitely be a repeat customer!
  45. Would but it again By: Christian de Robles
    On: 06/11/2020
    I bought it for my boyfriend, he didn't experience any side effects , and it lasted for half a day. It won't keep you erect (which I don't think most people want), but it won't take much effort once the pill is absorbed. He's taken it several times, and it's been very effective, even for two days. Great product.
  46. Great Pill By: Fish Face
    On: 05/11/2020
    Just like the original pill this one does the job even better. Able to achieve great results after a few hours from taking a pill and the effects keep happening even after a few days of taking them. Experience no side effects or head aches from them. Defiantly tell all my friends about this pill for sure and highly recommend.
  47. Off the hook By: Twinkle
    On: 03/11/2020
    All I can say is that this is the real deal I am 53 And this stuff is off the hook. My wife is smiling at me all day and she can’t keep her hands off of it :)))
  48. Value for Money - Does as advertised By: Lenny
    On: 01/10/2020
    To say the least, I have been absolutely surprised that this pill does as advertised. In fact, this is a powerhouse for any man who wants to obtain optimum performance in his bedroom.ie optimum performance in size, girt and endurance. This is by far, the best male enhancement supplement that I have taken, not prescribed by an MD. I won't be caught without these ever again.
  49. 5.0 out of 5 stars Must have, must try, must by(seriously) By: Dark Knight
    On: 21/09/2020
    If your a non believer, of these type of meds, or have had problems with them making you feel weird well i got news for you, this is the greatest thing since threesomes were discovered i took one 14 hours ago and every time the wind blows my angel gets his wings if you know what i mean
  50. The Pill Works like a charm!!!!! By: Teddy Bear
    On: 18/09/2020
    The Ready Man Platinum Formula works like a charm and consists of a blend of natural ingredients that will improve both your energy and performance levels. It will supply you with more sexual drive, performance stamina and time to please your partner while having sex with less side effects than other pills that are offered on the market. The two of you will be excited, happy and satisfied that you decided to purchase this product.This pills will be your best friend and supply you with days and nights of pleasure and fulfillment for the two of you. Yes, I would recommend it !!! So buy and enjoy your nights!!!!
  51. My order of the red pill By: Dick Nixon
    On: 18/09/2020
    This stuff was great like it very much better than Viagra a slight headache the next day but with Tylenol it went away and unlike Viagra that keeps you hard all the time this does not every time I look at my girlfriend bend over the right way and just think about sex it stands up to attention it's hard you know and wants more action and wants it even on the next day with out taking another pill love the stuff definitely will use it again and I definitely recommend it you won't be disappointed.
  52. STAND UP! By: Blue Balls
    On: 05/07/2020
    Enabled me to put in mucho work like a machine. Kicked in nice and smooth no jitterbugging but when it kicks! POW! You ready. I was proud of myself thanks to the pill.
  53. Excellent By: HarperNYC
    On: 05/07/2020
    Excellent product for any man ! No side effects except I need to drink more water when I take it . It really does its job !
  54. The results last! By: Flynn
    On: 02/07/2020
    Now we totally understand why this is deemed the BEST by some customers. It really is great! No side effects, no jitters, and the results last.
  55. Thanks to this baby!!! By: Heater
    On: 02/07/2020
    My endurance has definitely surged higher than ever thanks to this baby. My work outs wear me out easily, but ever since I took this, I can last longer than I ever could! And not just with exercise, But in bed too. HAHA. This is enough reason for me to give this five stars. You bet your ass I'm gonna keep taking these until forever.
  56. Thankful! By: Jen
    On: 28/06/2020
    These pills were just exceptional. I'm glad he was willing to take them when I opened up about our bedroom problems. All of those disappeared as soon as this came to our lives. I think I can get pregnant soon from all the energy he has for me in bed these days. I'm kinda excited! Super Thankful.
  57. "we are so impressed" ;) By: Miko
    On: 26/06/2020
    The effects lasts, and we are so impressed! We bought this for our trip to Hawaii, and I'm so pleased to say that one pill was enough for the 3-day trip! Oh, how heated were the nights.
  58. They really work! ;) By: Bubba
    On: 26/06/2020
    I'm glad that I decided to buy these pills! They really work. My nights are far more enjoyable and heated up now that my performance has improved.
  59. Lasting Solution By: Mike Achidiego
    On: 24/06/2020
    These product works very good there is no headache' it makes you harder and above all one capsule cant last in your system for days. Its worthy of buying
  60. Excellent product By: Horn Dog
    On: 23/06/2020
    Bought a bottle just before my trip to Cali,Colombia and I can tell you this shit works ! I juggle 3 Colombian girlfriends at the same time when I am there and Platinum kept my cock rock hard throughout my adventures .I was having sex 3-4 times per day and after the 5th or 6th time climaxing I was still ready to go without any after effects ..I felt like I was 17 again !!
  61. Effective By: Deebe
    On: 23/06/2020
    Great Product! I am a 59 year old male, and my libido and testosterone has been very low. This product worked wonders to boost my libido and performance! The product is highly recommended. It works as advertised.
  62. Consistently Great Performance By: K Dawg
    On: 22/06/2020
    I've tried many alternative products but I keep coming back to this one as it always gives me results I can rely on.But I always get the result I'm looking for. I will certainly keep purchasing this product.
  63. No side effects By: Glen
    On: 27/03/2020
    Hitting 60 feeling like 30.
  64. Outstanding By: Alec
    On: 18/01/2020
    It’s embarrassing to say but, I am a 21 year old male and have always had problems keeping it up in the bedroom. I was disappointed at first when I didn’t notice immediate results but after a few days and my regular cardio workout I am amazed. I’m excited to live out the youth I’ve missed out on this far!
  65. WOW!!! By: Andy
    On: 18/01/2020
    First this WORKS. I don’t have any problems but why not add to performance! Best yet no side effects Give it a try and they stand by their word. I’ll definitely be buying more!!!
  66. Thoroughly impressed! By: Adam Dash
    On: 18/01/2020
    The results are powerful, alright, and because of it, I'm thoroughly impressed! Ever since I had this in my medicine cabinet, there was never a dull moment in the bedroom.
  67. Works like a charm By: Mr Smith
    On: 17/01/2020
    It works like a charm and way better than the other supplements that I tried. This one provides energy without the jitters and my drive has significantly increased which is something that made my wife a lot happy.
  68. I got my confidence back, this is awesome! By: Shella
    On: 17/01/2020
    I just can't leave my wife hanging anymore or else she'll divorce me (kidding XD) and she told me to just buy something that will make me last that is why I bought this. I had no idea if this will work or not but the risk totally paid off! I tried it the other night and it works! It got me going like Tarzan and it helped me last longer than usual. My wife is really pleased and so am I. This gave me my confidence back
  69. Only the supliment works realy 15 minutes after putoway in mouh By: SO
    On: 24/12/2019
    old customer on amazon market place
  70. A+ By: Sarah N
    On: 23/12/2019
    My husband & I were really pleased with These! They worked wonders and didn't give him any nasty side effects like others have definitely worth trying
  71. Finally Found the One that Works!!! By: Daedra
    On: 21/12/2019
    I rarely ever write reviews. Everywhere you look, they’re asking for reviews! But, I am personally taking MY time to say, this 100%, without a doubt, works perfect! I am 31, always had problems down there — I’ve tried all kinds of brands of these types of pills (probably about 20 different kinds). Out of those 20, maybe two of them did anything. These ones, did the job! I lasted longer than a minute, I was rock hard (where usually I was semi at best), I didn’t have to think it to get hard, and I didn’t have to squeeze to hold back when I was ready to “let go”. Moral of the story, I’m super happy with these and I’m buying a ton more of these! Do it for yourself and your mate! Love it!
  72. Wow this works!!! By: Boater
    On: 21/12/2019
    First off, I'm 55 and have started to have a "failure" know and then. I've tried some other supplement's some did absolutely nothing and others had a few benefits. Nothing has really helped. Decided to give this a try before considering a prescription meds. Honestly didn't expect as amazing results as I have. The reviews I read were mostly good, but these things effect everyone differently. Wow, this product works!! Took it about 4pm. and by 6:30 I was thinking I could feel a little something. Got home about 10 and headed to bed, woke up at midnight and and developed an immediate erection. And did it 3 more times that night!!! It's been 30 hrs since I've taken it and the effects are just as strong. Had just as good of night the next night! All with absolutely zero side effects! My erection is much fuller, harder, and bigger then it has been in along time! Guys this stuff works!!! I feel like I'm 20 again in bedroom ( or wherever and whenever
  73. Amazing Product ! By: Larry B
    On: 21/12/2019
    I highly recommend this product ! It starts working about 2.5 hours after taking, I'm 6'4" 245 lbs so my sizes may have had something to do with that. Once it kicked in you feel it working for 4 days. The first time I took the product I just to it with a bottle of water and it worked fine. I have since started opening up the capsule and putting the powder in water and drinking it. Seems to work quicker and come on stronger doing it that way. I have had no side effects accept for being able to go 3-4 and even 5 rounds with the lady in a day no problem. I order a supply a month and would recommend this product
  74. Feeling good By: Billy Bob
    On: 19/12/2019
    They help me function better and at my age that’s all I can ask for
  75. Happy and pleased By: Brown Pinga
    On: 19/12/2019
    Very happy and pleased to say that the pills definitely worked. I haven't felt this much energy since I was still a young teenager. The pills didn't last four days but made it through three full days so that's already better than all the brands I've tried.
  76. The black bull is back By: Anonymous
    On: 18/12/2019
    I was nervous skeptical n all the above when buying this n I've never been so happy to be proven wrong my first time using anything like this n I had my best performance in years I was good for multiple rounds back to back. I literally felt like I was back in college real talk.
  77. The best on the market! By: Bella
    On: 18/12/2019
    The best male enhancement product in the market! My boyfriend left my pussy sore for 3 days after he fucked my pussy for 5 hrs straight with multiple organisms This really works!
  78. Enhanced my energy By: BB
    On: 18/12/2019
    It makes me feel like super man when I take these pills my energy last longer then it did before
  79. "We're like honeymooners..." By: Horny Mom
    On: 16/12/2019
    Man, I can't believe these pills work! My husband and I are back at it again thanks to this and he says that we're like honeymooners once more. It's our 16th anniversary this year and this supplement made it more exciting!
  80. Pumping By: RamRod
    On: 16/12/2019
    Man these things work and let me tell you they work fast. It’s a real confidence booster and keeps the adrenaline running big time
    On: 15/12/2019
    So phenomenal that even after two days, my brother was still lifting weights like he just took the pill an hour before. EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE and even though this may seem expensive, this is actually slightly cheaper compared to some of the ones I've seen.
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    My husband isn’t getting any younger so we got these to try and boy do they work. Needless to say our weekend away from the kids was a fun one, thanks to the help of these pills. I would buy again for sure!
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    My husband and I wanted to spice it up a little after being married as long as we have. Everything works fine and we did not want to go the prescription route since that would be too much. Let me tell you ladies that it was noticeable. My husband also said that he felt like he had more energy the day he took one. It's all herbal but always check with the doctor before you take it.
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    The surge of energy lasted for days which is more than I can say for the other brands I've tried. Also, there were absolutely no side effects either. I'm definitely sticking with this one from now on.
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    This is the best herbal supplement that I have tried. I have been using this product for about a year or so. With prior products the yohimbe would leave unwanted side effects. Not with Sustain. No side effects whatsoever, except a heightened desire that lasts for up to 4 days. On occasion I use Cialis however, the same effects are experienced with Sustain and it is far less expensive. I highly recommend this product.
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    I was told of this product from a friend with ED issues and he swears by it. I was skeptical but I thought I would try it once for myself and see. I have ED also and this product works great! I take one every three days regularly and I have no problem getting an erection when needed. The wife is very pleased also. I have zero side effects no headache, no dizziness, nothing at all. I highly recommend this product for anyone with ED issues or just needing a little help once in a while.
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    ive tried others but after reading the great reviews I decided to give Ready Man Platinum a shot and glad I did. Worked like a charm first time out of the box! I can write much more but that part is private ... but amazing! all i can add is BUY IT! you will be glad you did
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    This is a life changer , I'm a young male who suffered from anxiety and low sex drive . Only way I would get aroused would be very situational , now consistent . I was considering hypnosis etc to increase my sex drive because I've had many disappointing times , I even somewhat suffered from ED. I took this a week ago and it has literally changed my life , my sex drive has increased dramatically and I now am loving sex more and it's more pleasureable . It also has helped me feel more relaxed , my body is more relaxed and I don't feel anxiety . I highly recommend this item . I will certainly buy again as soon as I run out . Love it , can't stress it enough, I now get erections from just an explicit conversation or a sexual thought when before I would only get aroused with something physical , mostly oral sex.
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    As an older widower, there have been a few "episodes" when staying rock-hard and even coming during lovemaking can be a problem. Decided to give these a try after one too many of those episodes, just hoping I hadn't wasted my money... Took 1/2 a capsule with my evening supplements (couple hours before bedtime), and within an hour I noticed the "flushed" feeling and definite stirring in my loins. As SOON as my lady came to bed, my usual arousal SKYROCKETED to the Rock-hardest boner I could remember - literally throbbing... Within a few, my lady "noticed" how hard, full, veinous & bigger (visibly enough for Her to notice) my manhood was, & she proceeded to attack it with surprising vigor. Our "session" went on for nearly 30 minutes & my soldier throbbing throughout - my climax came with much-increased intensity!!! The next morning, and several times during that next day & evening (into the 2nd morning), EVERY time I got aroused (much more than usual - like a teenager, at random times), had the SAME veinous THROBBING hard-0n - from 1/2 a capsule!!! Was a bit leery of taking a whole capsule, so I decided to divide a single capsule into 3rds taken over successive days - worked great!!! After using RM 2K for a while, I eventually found 1/3rd for 3 days, skip 2 days & repeat, worked best for ME - a 10-capsule dose supply lasting an entire month, with little drop from the initial intensity... Though I feel this product is a bit expensive, it works MUCH better than I'd hoped... In fact, I'm a bit leery of doing a whole capsule, because it wouldn't be safe to walk around with a huge hard-on ALL the time, LOL!!!
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    This product works very well. I would have to say it may work better than Viagra..... Will be getting more! Wife was very happy as well.
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    This product saves My marriage. When viagra stopped working, my friend suggested this. Drunk, sober, just unable to get the mental ability to get up? Rm 2K hasn't let me down for days. Neither will it let you down. I found an ibuprofen before taking it will offset any potential headaches . Works within 1-2 vest results were the day beforehand and by morning it will be up the moment you exhale. If you work and stand all day, I highly suggest tight boxers to hold you down. Only suggest this product if your trying to destroy the gap between heaven and hell. It will level everything to be happy no matter the scenario. Huge confidence boosts everyone I take one.
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    Works amazing if you take on an empty stomach and let me tell you I was not disappointed, works in 15min and you can barely walk with the results lol, only down fall is it’s causes you to have instant rage if your not gunna handle the the issue that “pops up
  100. but my sex gane was hit or miss but adding this bad boy wow By: david brown
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    Not enough stars for me I would say 10 out.10, I'm in my 40's in reasonable health, workout, eat clean for the most part, but my sex game was hit or miss but adding this bad boy wow, my confidence level is outta this world, my gf 10ys younger was on the verge of leaving me now it's 4th oh July everynight
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    I was a little eerie about trying something like this but I didn't think I had anything to lose, and I'm glad I did. These pills are amazing. Take one about an hour before you want to do anything and about an hour later I was harder than I'd ever been, and lasted longer than I ever have. These things do work! No side affects what so ever, except sometimes the day after I get random erections that don't seem to want to go away, but when I'm at home, they are amazing! Will definitely continue to buy.
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    To all my young guys out there, I’m 22 and I was facing some issues with lil man down there and I took this the night for me and my girl. I was going in for hours. DON’T SLEEP this the truth. I’ve goin strong for a month now off one pill. I got my mojo back and you can to
  104. Worked Amazingly!! By: Jim Disabato
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    Let me start by saying that I don't usually have a problem getting hard, staying hard for the duration has been the issue. So I was apprehensive about taking anything for this. I did research online on all different products and did not like the sound of any of the side effects, especially the headaches. I finally broke down and tried this product. Well, let me tell you what a difference it made. When I first took it, about 45 minutes after I started feeling warm, like my face felt flush and warm to the touch. I wear an Apple watch and I could tell my resting heart rate was a bit higher. Nothing to worry about. Let me just say my wife and I had a very active weekend and it easily lasted that whole time. The biggest endorsement I can give is, my wife has already gone and ordered more. Two thumbs up!
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    Short and sweet..this stuff works! Only real draw back is the low grade headache occasionally from one of the herbs ( horny goat weed ) and stuffy nose that lasts about 3 hours post use. I don't have any issues, however I wanted alittle more of the good old days...it works! 1 hour before and your Ready. No hype just someone telling you it works and its not a prescription.
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    So I had been using ready man for the past couple months. I've tried other supplements that were a waste of money. This pill was actually effective. Unlike other supplements that come with like 50-100 pills that didn't work at all, I was initially disappointed in seeing only 10 pills. But later found that these pills were effective in a subtle and natural feeling way. No headaches or no caffeine effects. I've tried other pills that seem to make your heart race because they had caffeine but ready man did not have those bad effects. It was just a dark pill that looked like it was actually made with herbs and not some white gelatin capsule. It works but more naturally. You won't get an erection automatically unless you get aroused or get sexually stimulated. For this reason ready man was the most natural supplement that I have ever taken that worked. I went online on amazon to re order a third time but found the product is currently unavailable on amazon now. I wrote to them to see if they will have more supplies in the future or if they will change the name so I can reorder later. I don't care if your reviews said that milligram dosage were lower than other supplements. At the end of the day, this product worked and was more affordable at about $35 for their 10 pill bottle.
  150. Best of the best By: Logan
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    Well gawd, this *really* pisses me off!! I've literally tried dozens of otc products for ED, more specifically something that could help with ED caused by long term pain medication use. Due to back damage and injuries I've had to use pain medication in addition to other pain therapy, but didn't figure out that the pain meds were causing other health issues, like very low testosterone and ED that doesn't seem to be related to the testosterone issue, even when that was fixed. I've been having to take Cialis for ED, Viagra and the other one don't seem to help much, but when we changed insurance recently and they didn't cover it and my pharmacist told me that it's almost 80 bucks A PILL, well I lost it!! Talk about some evil, money grubbing worthless people charging tens of thousands of percent markup! Ugh. Anyway I had no choice but to look for alternatives.I literally have tried dozens of OTC products and this was the only thing that helped! Hell, it worked better than the cialis that I've been taking! I suppose it's possible that they were using something from Viagra's patent list, I just doubted it when I read it because Viagra did almost nothing for me and Readyman still showed improvement well into my second day after taking it. This really blows, I only have two bottles left. I knew I should have stocked up more!! :(.Leave them alone Viagra, the non-rich people of the world need an option too!!
  151. READY MAN! #1 Most Effective Herbal Male Enhancement Pill – IT WORKS!! 10 PILL VALUE By: David S. Geller
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    At age 67 and after having cancer 8 years ago I then needed Viagra. It works well but not always would I reach orgasm. Today Viagra costs me $39.40 a PILL! I have tried 2 other products here on amazon and one from an offisite store (the owner posts here how great it is), so I tried it.75% didn’t work worth a flip, one worked but had to open the capsule and put the stuff under your tongue Tasted terrible. Ready Man arrived just yesterday and I took it 2 hours before bed time. With Viagra after taking and getting ready for bed I’d get harder but not enough for intercourse, my wife plays with me and off we go. On Ready Man she’s brushing her teeth, I walk into the bathroom “hey honey, you know the pills I bought at amazon? here!”. I was standing straight out, you could have hung a towel on it! Now I was really, really hard. It was great. I usually don’t believe the stuff I read about stronger, longer and “girth”. I was a bit wider, so much that it almost hurt getting inside of my wife. It was great and she enjoyed it as well. This stuff is wonderful, works better than you’d expect and I bought a 10 pill bottle, about $4.00 a pill versus $39.40 with Viagra and it works better. Really does work.
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    For me, Ready Man worked rather quickly, before the recommended 2-3 hours. I also experienced more stamina as the product states, compared to some others that I have tried. I definitely had a fuller, very rigid erection with this product. I also pleasantly found that even while flaccid, my penis is fuller. It has been almost 24 hours since I tried this product, and am still experiencing the results. I am very pleased with this product.
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    I was pretty skeptical but needed something to reinvigorate my love life in my marriage. I have taken Cialis and Viagra before and they do work but cost a lot. I bought this in hopes for a cheaper option and I take one of these pills a few hours before sex and I work like a champ for a fraction of the cost. I am not sure who is going to tap out first, usually my wife... it says only take one every 60 hours which I can understand why. Only downside is, I often find myself in the middle of the night ready to go again which effects my sleep. It's a worth while trade off in my opinion.
  162. Great , long lasting , no unwanted side effects By: Shawn
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    Took these pills for a little boost in the bedroom , they are fantastic, the little soldier was at attention and like steel almost instantly and it worked for over 4 days . No racing heart , no headache , no unwanted effects
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    First this WORKS. I don’t have any problems but why not add to performance! It did just that and more!!!! Best yet no side effects and best way to put it is it feels natural almost as if I didn’t take anything. Give it a try and they stand by their word. I’ll definitely be buying more!!!
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    On: 24/10/2017
    I bought this item from Amazon for 10 pill bottle for $26.99.Now its sold only on this web site for $39.99 .Is this still the same product ? I guess ill try see what happens hope they run a special.
  166. Best non prescription ever By: Skeptic
    On: 15/09/2018
    This really works. Take it from a guy that has never had success with this kind of stuff.. Just some mild headache, other than that, the best so far