Amazing product for weightlifters. by Duke on 05/09/2021

Wow! I’m 28 physique trainer and these have helped me with focus and energy. I’ve noticed a massive difference in strength and size in muscle growth. Of course my fiancé thinks I’m a horn ball all the time but she isn’t complaining one bit. I’m on my 3 rd pill today in two weeks. That’s how effective these are. Honestly I did have a slight headache but that was primarily due to not enough water consumption. Drink lots of water! Your body needs that’s to continue to carry those powerful ingredients through the system. Fellas- here’s a tip, take these with fish oil! Thank me later.

Works Amazingly by Happy Camper on 05/08/2021

It works.... No seriously is works. I took the first day i got it about 2-3 hours before the fun time started. I did not get any kind of headache or have any kind of negative symptoms. Wife has no complaints. She got hers multiple times and i was more than able to keep going. At the end my wife waved the white flag and tapped out. I could still feel the effects 2 days later. Victory is MINE

It works by Amber Benton on 05/05/2021

This supplement increased my thickness a lot! I have experienced zero side affects and this seems to last forever! My partner has been extremely satisfied with the results! I will never use anything else as long as this is available! I highly recommend this to anyone looking to increase their size stamina and performance!

5.0 out of 5 stars I would Recommend this product by George G. on 05/03/2021

I have had this product for a little more than a week now and so far so good. I'm 54 years old and my wife is 41 years old and she is very satisfied with the results. I got an erection quicker and it lasted longer than I expected. So I would definitely recommend this product with my wife's approval!!!

This works! by Don Stanley on 05/02/2021

Works like advertised. Very happy with the product.

You will not regret it....... by Road Warrior on 04/30/2021

I received my order today.....please accept my complete assurances it truly does work. I am 70 yo and very good at taking mineral supplements......and I have no regrets about this purchase.....worth every fact....with all these few good reviews they'll surely raise the price!

Performance increase guaranteed ! by Corn Pop on 04/30/2021

Honestly I’ve tried plenty of different products but this here is my winner! Last for days Increases my drive dramatically and makes me perform better than ever ! If you’re on the fence about go on red don’t be this is what you’re looking for !

Surprised by how long it lasts by Miguel on 04/26/2021

I was honestly very surprised by how long the pill seems to stay in your system. One pill can actually last me up to 3 days as the box states. The effects wane slightly, but not enough for me not to lose confidence that it will work. I honestly feel like the 10 pills would last me a month if I took them everyday.

Made me a Horn Dog by BP Machado on 04/26/2021

I like the mindset along with the proprietary value of the product. It also kept me ready for a couple more days.I’m 62 years old and it made me feel much younger as far as thickness and longevity. And then three dollars a pop I think it’s a great value

I feel 21 again! by Donald J Trump on 04/25/2021

I am 51 one and notice I had a some trouble performing In bed I took one pill and there was a noticeable difference more erect stiffness my partner enjoyed being pleasured. I had no side effect with this product ! I am hooked!

it really works! by red eyes on 04/23/2021

In a market full of fakes and scams, it's nice to find one that really works. I use it to always remain ready when my wife is. It has returned our spontaneity. I take one every few days and I'm like a 20 year old again. Morning wood included. It seems to have increased my ability to hold off ejaculation longer too. I have really bad E.D. so for someone who just has a mild case or just looking to impress. This product will really help you rise to the occasion.

It works for me by Chen on 04/19/2021

This is my third time purchasing this product. What stands out from this product compared to others I've tried is little to no headaches as long as I drink sufficient amount of water and it helps me get hard even days after consumption. Would totally recommend to others.

Works good by SilverFox on 04/16/2021

This works good, actually better as compared with taking the blue pill I don’t get the side effects of headaches or stuffy nose, for me it worked more than 72 hrs, I can definitely recommend this Only negative is it’s a it pricy

The best money you will ever spend boy's!!!! by Jerry on 04/16/2021

So let's start at my first bottle, Placed my order and 2 days latter package was in my mail box as promised! So popped one out and swallowed it few hours passed and not much happening fast forward roughly 10 hours and I wake up and it felt like someone had mixed up a bag of cement and somehow injected it into my unit, And that is no exaggeration! And fast forward almost a year and you best believe I've kept taken these awesome lil capsules of pure bliss. So I figured that is a fair amount of time to give a honest review, and for me they have worked 100% of the time! But for me I honestly don't get full effect until roughly 10/15 hours taken, but once it hits I always get at least 2 days of full on go! So with that said you would be insane to not give these a go.

Have ED? Lack energy? Must try by Williams on 04/08/2021

My experience. Works best with a full (8oz) glass of water minimum. A little more is better though. Notice results only when I'm simulated mentally or physically. Good for overall energy, but great for getting and maintaining erections. Effect of product will last as advertised. Better than any ED drug I've tried and with no side effects. You may experience side effects with less water. (stomach and/or mild flushing...for me) The best on the market to date.

This product works! by Julian on 03/16/2021

This product is amazing. This is my 3rd order. I have so much confidence in this product that I cannot function effectively without it. If you’re a guy having erection issues this is the solution. My old lady noticed and enjoyed its benefits. To avoid any headaches open the pill and use half or a quarter of the dosage. you will still get some of its benefits.Thanks

Yes Sir!! by Joaquin on 03/02/2021

I took half a capsule. I was afraid of taking the whole thing. This stuff works. Full erection, you’ll last longer, you’ll be ready for round two in minutes. I took it 3 days ago and it does get it up by itself at random times . Also, the most important thing, no weird rush, and no darn headaches! If you have problems down there, I strongly recommend this stuff. Give it a try!

Good time by Baba Booey on 03/01/2021

I have try once I receive my order and to my surprise, I have a perfect sexual performance to my partner and I’m real hard to knock her down. I strongly recommend this product and I will order regularly. But seller, pls don’t double the price after I added a excellent comment

Shwing! by Alexander on 02/27/2021

Hi, I'm a 55 yo male,... experiencing all of the typical signs of aging for my age.....almost none of it good. That is until I tried Readyman and WOW! I haven't performed like that since I was in my early 30's. I'm sold and after trying just about everything, I'm sticking to what actually works....Thanks Readyman!

This product works! by Manuel on 02/27/2021

This product is amazing. This is my 3rd order. I have so much confidence in this product that I cannot function effectively without it. If you’re a guy having erection issues this is the solution. My old lady noticed and enjoyed its benefits. To avoid any headaches open the pill and use half or a quarter of the dosage. you will still get some of its benefits.Thanks

Your money is valued by Curious George on 12/30/2020

The pill ,is one of the greatest pill I have taken with no side effects ,I highly recommend it for greater performance for Men who having worst experience in bed, the Pill will surely save you from the embarrassment .

Worth it! by Victor Rodriguez on 12/16/2020

I brought this item and it works like a dream. I would totally purchase again, my girlfriend is very happy.

The best by Kenneth Stumblingbear on 12/14/2020

This is the first time using the product, and MAN IT WORKS LIKE A CHAMP. Honestly, I was worried at first the product would not work, but I was wrong it worked in a comfortable time frame with GREAT results.

Cost effective alternative by Hugh Michael Preacher on 12/10/2020

I was surprised with the results after I tried these out. Definitely have a nice increase in energy and sex drive. This would be a cost effective alternative to other products. I have enjoyed the product so far and plan on ordering more in the future. Thank you

Wowza!!! by Deano on 12/09/2020

Legit product! I was skepical buying from the internet but the product had alot of great reviews. Takes affect in about 2 hours no bad side affects just minor headache tylenol will take care of it. Stays in your system for a few days Im 57 and got morning wood first time in about 10 years LOL