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Great product little expensive based on what i got it for before. by Ron on 10/24/2017

I bought this item from Amazon for 10 pill bottle for $26.99.Now its sold only on this web site for $39.99 .Is this still the same product ? I guess ill try see what happens hope they run a special.

Ooo man by platano718 on 07/12/2017

Half a pill is good enough wife loved it!

Excelente by jtibbit0724 on 07/07/2017

Always good to do business with you, thank you!

It Really Works by flykidtroy on 07/06/2017

I just took one to see if it work I waited for a hour or 2 and it start working

Satisfied by jtibbit0724 on 07/06/2017

Works great! Just reordered double

It works by dykbr.us.jekhcc. on 07/04/2017

Plain and simple, it works. Sometimes it gives me a slight headache and bluish vision, but not every time. And even when it does it's worth it. Thank you Ready Man!

Readyman by 304larry52 on 07/03/2017

It makes you ready works great most of the time

great product by 507randyd on 07/02/2017

Works fanatastic for me

Product Review by williyoun_55 on 06/30/2017

It is one of effective.Fast acting and long lasting.It is the best herbal sexual enhancer I ever used. I highly recommend this product.

Works like. Champ by mbilinski1980 on 06/30/2017

You'll be amazed on it effectiveness. Best used on a empty stomach, never after you just ate. Might take 30 min to one hour to kick in....Enjoy your rock hard wood

Awesome by ge-ejg-mujnm7b7rq on 06/26/2017

Short and sweet..this stuff works! Only real draw back is the low grade headache occasionally from one of the herbs ( horny goat weed ) and stuffy nose that lasts about 3 hours post use. I don't have any issues, however I wanted alittle more of the good old days...it works! 1 hour before and your Ready. No hype just someone telling you it works and its not a prescription.

I loved it by Tricky Dick on 05/02/2017

The best of the best. Ready man is an awesome product! Went to the Dominican Republic for a nice 5 days vacation.Took some readyman with me for my accounters. I had sex 4-5 times per day. My cock stayed rock hard after each and every nut.I came 22 times in a 5-day span.Great product.No side effects.Highly recommended

I am so happy by Red headed Ginger on 04/03/2017

As a man who had issues getting a erection since 27 yrs old. I was a lost cause. Losing all confidence at that age truly made dating and finding somebody to share my life impossible. I lost all motivation to date because of my ED problems. I went to see a psychologist,tried almost every Sexual enhancement products under the sun. I finally met somebody who I started to fall in love with. He also had issues with ED and he told that he was using Readyman. The first time we were intimate we both took 1 pill a piece and for the first time in almost 10 yrs I had a full erection. I almost broke down in tears as I finally found something that truly worked. Thank you Readyman for bringing my confidence back to my love making!

I love Ready Man by Jesse on 04/02/2017

So I had been using ready man for the past couple months. I've tried other supplements that were a waste of money. This pill was actually effective. Unlike other supplements that come with like 50-100 pills that didn't work at all, I was initially disappointed in seeing only 10 pills. But later found that these pills were effective in a subtle and natural feeling way. No headaches or no caffeine effects. I've tried other pills that seem to make your heart race because they had caffeine but ready man did not have those bad effects. It was just a dark pill that looked like it was actually made with herbs and not some white gelatin capsule. It works but more naturally. You won't get an erection automatically unless you get aroused or get sexually stimulated. For this reason ready man was the most natural supplement that I have ever taken that worked. I went online on amazon to re order a third time but found the product is currently unavailable on amazon now. I wrote to them to see if they will have more supplies in the future or if they will change the name so I can reorder later. I don't care if your reviews said that milligram dosage were lower than other supplements. At the end of the day, this product worked and was more affordable at about $35 for their 10 pill bottle.

Best of the best by Logan on 04/02/2017

Well gawd, this *really* pisses me off!! I've literally tried dozens of otc products for ED, more specifically something that could help with ED caused by long term pain medication use. Due to back damage and injuries I've had to use pain medication in addition to other pain therapy, but didn't figure out that the pain meds were causing other health issues, like very low testosterone and ED that doesn't seem to be related to the testosterone issue, even when that was fixed. I've been having to take Cialis for ED, Viagra and the other one don't seem to help much, but when we changed insurance recently and they didn't cover it and my pharmacist told me that it's almost 80 bucks A PILL, well I lost it!! Talk about some evil, money grubbing worthless people charging tens of thousands of percent markup! Ugh. Anyway I had no choice but to look for alternatives.I literally have tried dozens of OTC products and this was the only thing that helped! Hell, it worked better than the cialis that I've been taking! I suppose it's possible that they were using something from Viagra's patent list, I just doubted it when I read it because Viagra did almost nothing for me and Readyman still showed improvement well into my second day after taking it. This really blows, I only have two bottles left. I knew I should have stocked up more!! :(.Leave them alone Viagra, the non-rich people of the world need an option too!!

READY MAN! #1 Most Effective Herbal Male Enhancement Pill – IT WORKS!! 10 PILL VALUE by David S. Geller on 03/28/2017

At age 67 and after having cancer 8 years ago I then needed Viagra. It works well but not always would I reach orgasm. Today Viagra costs me $39.40 a PILL! I have tried 2 other products here on amazon and one from an offisite store (the owner posts here how great it is), so I tried it.75% didn’t work worth a flip, one worked but had to open the capsule and put the stuff under your tongue Tasted terrible. Ready Man arrived just yesterday and I took it 2 hours before bed time. With Viagra after taking and getting ready for bed I’d get harder but not enough for intercourse, my wife plays with me and off we go. On Ready Man she’s brushing her teeth, I walk into the bathroom “hey honey, you know the pills I bought at amazon? here!”. I was standing straight out, you could have hung a towel on it! Now I was really, really hard. It was great. I usually don’t believe the stuff I read about stronger, longer and “girth”. I was a bit wider, so much that it almost hurt getting inside of my wife. It was great and she enjoyed it as well. This stuff is wonderful, works better than you’d expect and I bought a 10 pill bottle, about $4.00 a pill versus $39.40 with Viagra and it works better. Really does work.

Don't hesitate, just buy! by A Grandslam on 03/28/2017

I was skeptical about purchasing at first, as I am with everything these days.....but after reading a lot of positive reviews I decided to to buy and am glad I did. This product is great and works! I wanted it to increase my drive and stamina and after 2 days my drive was full force. Usually I would be fatigued from work and just wasn't in the mood majority of the time. Now I feel like I'm back in my early 20's constantly wanting more and being able to perform each time. Definitely buy this product!

Great Product by Anthony Pinchot on 03/28/2017

For me, Ready Man worked rather quickly, before the recommended 2-3 hours. I also experienced more stamina as the product states, compared to some others that I have tried. I definitely had a fuller, very rigid erection with this product. I also pleasantly found that even while flaccid, my penis is fuller. It has been almost 24 hours since I tried this product, and am still experiencing the results. I am very pleased with this product.

more than what i have expected by David on 03/28/2017

I tried it because I was having some issues getting and sustaining an erection.I took it on an empty stomach with plenty of water. About 2 to 3 hours later I ate a small meal.Then it hit after a little flirting from my wife. I've never been that hard.I was able to perform twice within 2 minutes of each other. ( This doesn't happen all the time with this product. No headaches or side effects.I can't complain about it. It lasted about a day and a half. I hope this helps.

Amazing product by Mark Ender on 03/28/2017

You can't help but love this product. It works as advertised, I had no side effects at all. I took a pill about 45 min prior to GO TIME and sure enough this baby kicked in and i was absolutely amazed at how well it worked. Even after the first round I could feel the effects of this pill for the rest of the night. If you are in need of a little help or a lot of help in the sac.. GET THIS PILL.

About Ready Man !

Ready Man is a proprietary blend of the best all natural herbs found on planet earth. With years of (R&D)research and development, we have put together the best, most potent male enhancement sold to date!! Ready Man ! was the hottest new male enhancement of 2016 and could be the best seller one in 2017. With Ready Man ! this sexual enhancement will help facilitate your sexual libido to new levels. Bring back that animalistic nature you once had as a kid. With our proprietary blend of Epimedium Sagittatum Powder, this will give you sexual euphoria that you have never experienced before while climaxing. Specializing in activating your endorphins Ready Man ! will give you a sexual experience you will come back for!

What makes Ready Man ! the hottest new male enhancement pill on the market is the effectiveness of achieving size, heighten sensitivity and increase in semen count. With our proprietary blend of Goji Berry, Maca root and Ginseng helps you accomplish what most men want to acquire. As we stand behind our key slogan "Never Disappoint Your Lover Again" and you will attain this by using Ready Man!

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